Business Licensing

Just a reminder...

Dear Residents of Caronport,

Starting January 1st, 2020 all businesses in the Village of Caronport will need to obtain a business license for a cost of $25 unless exempt under Section 10 of Bylaw 2019-002 which states:

10. The following establishments are considered exempt from obtaining a Business License from the Village:

                (a) Real Estate Agents that do not operate a Store-Front or Home Based business within the Village limits.

                (b) Publicly funded organizations such as, but not limited to, educational institutions, education administration, municipal administration and its entities, and hospitals.

                (c) Non-profit organizations, service groups and community groups such as, but not limited to, churches or places of worship, unless operating a service for profit out of a location with the Village limits.

All business licenses will be due January 31 of each year and expire December 31 of that same year. By obtaining a business license you will also be featured on our website. Applications can be picked up at the Village Office or found on our website along with our Business License Bylaw #2019-002.

December 13, 2019 | Village Office