Community Safety Officer

The Village of Caronport is excited to introduce Randy Jesse as our Community Safety Officer (CSO). Officer Jesse has been living in Caronport for the past 11 years and has recently retired as a Staff Sergeant with the Moose Jaw Police Service after a 34-year career, making him an extremely qualified individual for this new role in protective services for Caronport.

Officer Jesse’s role will reintroduce a level of protective presence in our village that has been lacking since the retirement of former Chief Don Taylor. Officer Jesse’s role will increase safety, security, education and enforcement in many areas of life in our community. Officer Jesse’s appointment from the Ministry of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety as a Peace Officer authorizes him to preserve the peace, prevent crime, enforce some criminal matters, various provincial statutes (such as Traffic Safety Act, Mental Health Act and All-Terrain Vehicles) and to coordinate with the RCMP in policing our community. He will also serve as the Bylaw Enforcement Officer throughout the village to help educate about municipal standards and work towards compliance. The work of the Commissionaires has helped in these concerns over the last couple years but Officer Jesse’s regular presence in the village should help alleviate concerns and raise the community standard of us all living together.

As this is a new role within the village a little comment should be made about when and how to contact the CSO as opposed to when to contact the RCMP (at 911 or 306-310-7267/RCMP). To be clear, if you encounter a situation of crime, danger, or an emergency, please immediately contact the RCMP (911) who is our policing force for these matters. The CSO will be patrolling the community at a variety of times, day and night to offer service and bring enforcement as needed. If you observe safety concerns, Bylaw infractions, reckless driving, petty crime or non-emergency matters please contact the CSO (at 306-756-0050 or [email protected]). Unlike the RCMP, Officer Jesse is not on call 24 hours a day. If you need to discuss a matter with Officer Jesse please call him if he is on duty or leave a message detailing the concern and he will respond to you as soon as reasonably possible.

We will be having a formal introduction of Officer Randy Jesse to the community at the upcoming community BBQ on Saturday Sept 4th at lunchtime. Be on the lookout for him cruising, walking, or biking through the village; give him a waive, have a conversation, and make sure your seatbelt is done up.

Village of Caronport Council