History of Caronport

Caronport is a village of nearly 1,000 residents, and is located within 21 kilometres west of Moose Jaw on the Trans-Canada Highway. As of the 2006 census, Caronport is, by population, the largest official village in Saskatchewan, and larger than most official towns. The student population of Briercrest College and Seminary and residential students at Caronport High School actually means the number of inhabitants swells during the school year (September–April for the college and seminary, and September–June for the high school).

The name Caronport derives from the fact that prior to being a village, Caronport was a World War II British Commonwealth training base for pilots near the hamlet of Caron, i.e., Caron Airport. The airbase operated from December 17, 1941 to January 14, 1944. Although the original runways are now all defunct, the layout of the village was determined by the original runway placement.

If you would like to learn more about the Caron airbase visit https://www.caronairbase.com/