From the desk of the Public Works Superintendent

 Today as I was talking to an individual they commented that I must be glad that all the work associated with the heavy snow fall last week had come to an end. I thought for a moment and responded that I was thankful that the work projects covering the past 12 weeks have come to an end. Since the last week of December the Village has experienced the large water break at Briercrest College, three curb stop repairs, Youth Quake, and a significant but much needed snow fall. Yes, this has all happened in the past 12 weeks. Amidst this work, our family said farewell to my wife's mother. 

Those weeks have flown by so quickly and through each event my wife and I have felt the love and appreciation of so many Village residents... "neighbours and friends". Yes, I have received so many hearty thank you's over these weeks and I so appreciate each one!  Each day or late night is worth it when I receive that big smile, that warm wave or that hearty thank you!  It is an honour to serve such a thankful and appreciative community.
It is important for me to also say thank you and show my appreciation publically to those whom I work alongside in the wee mornings or long days because without them I could not do this job well. They too should receive your thanks and accolades... 
Dan Buck, who is always there for me in so many ways and I don't know how to say thank you enough! Thanks Dan! 
Mike McLeod & Jay Dunbar who as a team come with their experience and willing hands to 
help! Thanks Mike and Jay!  

Paul Kozun, when and wherever possible we complement one another in our work and he is a
another great resource! Thanks Paul!

Ken Jaarsma and Curt Gamble who are great guys to work with and willing resources on problems! Thanks Ken and Curt!

Rod Appleby, Rob Schellenberg, Gina Hallborg, Joel LaTrace ... other great people who make my 
job that much easier.  Thanks!

As you can see, I may be one person when you see me or meet me on the street but beside and behind me are some really great people who deserve your thanks and appreciation as well!  Thanks again for being so appreciative ... it means more to me than you can know.  

Stephen Brown 
Public Works Superintendent

March 13, 2018 | Village Office