Spring Clean Up

Residents of Caronport

Spring is finally here! Time to get outside and tidy up our yards. Members of Council will be going around the Village viewing yards and determining if they are in good standing with our Nuisance Abatement Bylaw. The nuisance abatement bylaw states:

(b) the term “nuisance” means a condition of property, or a thing, or an activity, that adversely affects or may adversely affect:

(i.) the safety, health or welfare of people in the neighbourhood;
(ii.) people's use and enjoyment of their property; or
(iii.) the amenity of a neighbourhood

and includes:

(i.) a building in a ruinous or dilapidated state of repair;
(ii.) an unoccupied building that is damaged and is an imminent danger to public safety;
(iii.) land that is overgrown with grass and weeds;
(iv.) untidy and unsightly property;
(v.) vehicles which are unlicensed or in disrepair and out of service; and
(vi.) open excavations on property;

Let's all help keep Caronport a clean and beautiful place to live by doing our part and tidying up our yards.

Council & Staff
Village of Caronport

April 19, 2018 | Village Office