Severe Weather Procedures

Caronport Fire Department 
Instructions For 
Severe Weather Procedures

In the event of severe weather warnings such as tornadoes, funnel clouds or plow winds, the Fire Dept. will alert campus residents by driving through the residential areas and making announcements of the vehicles' loudspeaker systems. Because of the nature of structures, the trailer court will be the first to be notified. 

In case of severe weather, the following three Briercrest Campus buildings will be opened to receive you; you will need to make your own way there. 
1. The student lounge (Green Room/Skyline Room) on the lower level of the food services building 
2. The lower hallways of Whittaker men's and ladies' residences
3. The lower hallway of the Academic Building from BCA to Reimer Hall 

When you leave your home to find more secure shelter, you are advised to leave your windows slightly open so that air pressures can be equalized and structural damage reduced.

You are asked to please stay away from windows in the case of severe weather. Stay in hallways instead of dorm rooms and classrooms. 
In the event that our community is directly hit by such severe weather and damage is significant, the dining hall and dormitories will remain open for those who need assistance. 

If you have such, use your computers and/or cell phones to monitor approaching weather. You would be wise to download a free app to your cell phone that monitors the weather and issues advisories and warnings. Several are available including The Weather Network (TWN) and Weather Channel. Download them to your cell phone before extreme weather is imminent; bookmark them on your computer so finding the information is quick, easy and familiar. 

July 15, 2021 | Village Office